The Secret Law of Attraction Is Not So Secret Anymore

the secret law of attraction


The Secret Law of Attraction is a universal law describing the way in which we manifest our reality as One with all that is. Essentially, it states “like attracts like”, meaning things that are of a like vibration, or resonant frequency, are attracted or drawn to each other.

Some people argue against it, saying that it can’t be true because opposites attract, but they are missing the boat. The secret is that it has nothing to do electromagnetism, but vibration, two distinct qualities of matter and energy.

The vibration you are emitting has nothing to do with the electromagnetism of the particles that make up your body, but it has everything to do with the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. It has been scientifically verified that the frequencies of thoughts and emotions have tangible effects on the material world, our bodies especially.


“What you put out is what comes back.” I’m sure you’ve heard this before. It is a law of karma, according to many belief systems. It is also known as the principle of cause and effect in Hermeticism. Another way of saying it is “What goes around comes around.”

Essentially, these maxims are the principles that have contributed to the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Basically, the universe is a mirror that reflects what is within you, or what you “put out”.

But there is something missing from the law of attraction, karma, and anything else that tells us what we do is what determines what we “attract” or manifest in our life. You see, for you to “attract” something, you have to be separate from it, but you are One with the Universe; therefore, you cannot be separate from any of it.

So, the secret law of attraction is not wrong, it’s simply not the whole picture; there is more to the story.


Layers of the Secret Law of Attraction


the secret law of attraction


I have this friend who often calls me open-minded, but she and I only recently started getting close and having deep conversations. We rarely spoke, if ever, before a few months ago, and she didn’t really know me until now. I wasn’t always this open-minded. I used to have a very limited perspective.

I used to judge and berate people in my mind for acting and believing in ways that were outside of my “quality world” as William Glasser calls it in his pioneering model of psychology, choice theory. I used to think that people did certain things simply because they were “bad” or “wrong”, but now I know that people make the choices they do because they believe it will meet one of their five basic needs: survival, love, power, freedom, and fun.


My point is that there are levels or layers of “truth” as we see it, meaning that something might appear to be the whole truth but there is always something deeper—or higher, in terms of laws that govern the universe—something more accurate to describe the way things or people are or behave.

So, if you are One with the universe, how does the secret law of attraction come into play? Well, when God created the physical universe, you, as a human being, were created along with it. But we aren’t all born at the same time, so how does that work?

Here is where manifestation comes in. Everything has already been created, but it is we who choose what aspects of reality we will manifest.

All 7 billion of us are co-manifesting, if you will, the reality we collectively experience. So, when someone is “born” into the physical reality, they are simply manifested into physical form as we each choose the reality we will exist in and perceive together.


Duality and the Secret Law of Attraction


the secret law of attraction


If “perception is your reality”, as some people say, how can we all be living in the same reality if we each have our own perception of it? This question comes from the illusory dualistic nature of the ego.

Your ego is what tells you that you are separate from everything else. It tells you “I am me, and you are you.” It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is simply your mind’s way of explaining how you are separate from all you see.

When you experience the Unified Field, or the Oneness with all life, you no longer have to question how or why we see things differently when we’re all One because it is in the asking of the question that the answer is given. As long as you perceive yourself separate, you are living in the illusion.


Now, I’m no enlightened master, so I can only give you my own anecdotal evidence of this Unity Consciousness, as it is called, in which polar opposites meet. It is up to you to find what you believe, but I would urge you to seek the answers within, not in some book or anyone else’s beliefs.

Yes, most of what I’m talking about came from other people, but the majority of it simply gives me a way to describe what I have found to be true by searching within myself.

Every “opposite” is merely a quality of the same thing just on a different end of the spectrum. Hot and cold are simply degrees of temperature. Good and evil are measures of morality. There is nowhere that “good” ends and “evil” begins. Along the scale of our experiences, there is a huge gray area in the middle.

Looking at your life, it is obvious what you consider good and what you consider evil, but what about all of the stuff in between? When you pushed that kid down on the playground (insert equivalent behavior), was it evil?

You know it wasn’t good, but could you really call it evil?


What does all this have to do with the law of attraction? When you know that there are no “opposites” in the sense of separateness, you also know that there is nothing to attract, only to manifest. Detachment is the “opposite” of separation. When you are detached from the outcome (money, relationship, etc.) you are aware that there is nothing to attach to because you are One with it.

I don’t know about you, but my ego is still pretty big; so when it comes to applying all of this, how do we approach it? Personally, I use meditation to detach from my thoughts throughout the day. When you start your day with silence, all of the noise, both internal and external, is not as distracting. I also use healing techniques to help me get past all of the internal garbage that holds me back from seeing myself as One with the universe.

If you’re looking for guidance, check out my coaching page to learn more about how to see yourself from this divine perspective.

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Reiki Healing – What Is It And How Does It Work?

reiki healing

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing created by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words, Rei which means “Universal Life” and Ki which means “Energy.”

Energy healing, in general, is based on the idea that a “Universal Life Energy” flows through everything and can be accessed to return that which is sick or suffering to its natural healthy state. Other common forms include Qi Gong, pranic healing, shamanic healing, Quantum touch, and even acupuncture and acupressure.

What all of these healing modalities share in common is the channeling and manipulation of the Universal Life Energy within a person’s body that has either become blocked, stagnated, or simply gotten off balance.

Reiki healing is done with the hands by channeling this Universal Life Energy into the body of the patient, manipulating their energy and allowing the force behind this energy to guide the process wherever it is needed.

Personally, I have had two Reiki healings in my life, and I can tell you exactly what each one was like. Both were unique, but there were definite similarities. With my eyes closed, I was acutely aware of where the person’s hands were at all times even when they were not physically touching me. I could feel the energy going into me and moving through me.

During the first healing, the practitioner also did what is known as craniosacral therapy, another form of energy healing, and she asked me to do certain visualizations throughout the healing. She intuitively knew when I was following her instructions or not, asking me to alter my visualization accordingly.

The second healing was very similar, although the healer asked me to visualize my chakras spinning, telling me that my chakras were all off balance and he couldn’t figure out why. He asked me to visualize an energy going up the left side of my body and down the right side.

After the healing was over, we spoke about the experience and how effective it was. I told him that for some time I had been visualizing my chakras all spinning horizontally, even though I knew that the five between the base and the crown rotated vertically over the top, as he suggested I visualize them.

I asked him if this could have caused the imbalance and he said yes, that this was likely the reason he asked me to visualize the energy going up the left side of my body and down the right, to correct the flow of energy that I had interrupted with my erroneous visualization.

The Science of Reiki Healing

reiki healing

Within the body are nadis, energy channels through which energy flows, and chakras, energy centers or wheels where energy is focused and connects the physical body with the subtle bodies. Chakras are often described as spinning wheels of light.

When energy becomes congested or sporadic due to chakras becoming imbalanced, this creates mental and emotional maladies which will then manifest in the physical body, if they are not addressed and dealt with.

Reiki healing is a great way to clear any emotional and mental blocks as well as healing the physical symptoms that have surfaced as a result of them. Many sicknesses can be traced back to mental and emotional causes.

Don’t believe me? Consider how two people with the same disease, the same symptoms, and the same treatment can manifest different results. What was the difference? Their state of mind. Recent studies have shown that people who believe they will recover from an illness have vastly better chances of doing so.

The placebo effect proves empirically that a person’s belief can heal them, which is why faith healing works because based on a person’s belief, or their faith in the outcome, healing will take place accordingly.

Thanks to the water experiment of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team of scientists we know that human thought and emotion, as well as music, photographs, prayer and even words, all affect the molecular structure of water.

Everything has a resonant frequency or vibration, which is affected by everything else it comes into contact with. We all know the amazing healing properties of music, and I’m sure that many of you know the healing effects of crystals and even certain aromas.

The food we eat has a resonant frequency that is either nutritional or detrimental to the body. Everything you allow to enter your body or reality in any way, shape, or form has an effect on you, and when too many toxins or negative energies build up, detoxification is necessary.

Reiki healing is a good way to detox from any negative energies or toxins and allows for the Universal Life Energy already present within you to flush out anything that no longer serves you.

The Intention of Reiki Healing

It is a person’s intention that creates the healing in any modality, Reiki healing included. Now that we know a person’s thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can affect the physical reality, let’s explore how we can affect positive change in our own lives and the lives of others.

If you’re reading this, you are likely wanting to heal from something, but I would guess that you also have an interest in helping others heal as well. Like many of us on the spiritual path, you see things in terms of suffering and want to help the world heal, am I right?

Well, your intention to heal and to help others heal is what has led you to seek out answers, but the truth is the answers already exist within you. The Universal Life Energy within you is just waiting to be tapped into and harnessed.

However, when you look out at the world and see things that need to be healed you are participating in the manifestation of things that “need healing.” You see, illness is an illusion projected by the ego; it is based on our belief in separation and duality, but when you begin to see the truth, that we are One, then the illness or illusion is dispelled.

A friend of mine who is a licensed Massage Therapist recently learned Reiki and gave a mutual friend of ours a Reiki healing. The second friend had a tumor in her abdomen that had reduced in size by about 40% by the time the healing was done. The tumor was gone the next day.

The video below shows a tumor being healed using Qi Gong:


Healing takes place based on the feeling or belief that it will occur. People talk about manifesting and creative visualization and even prayer, all of which are great ways to affect healing, and the point of each is to cultivate the feeling that the result has already occurred.

So, what is a feeling? Many people think a feeling and an emotion are the same, but the truth is they are similar yet the difference is that a feeling is the combination of a thought and an emotion.

When someone says they have a feeling about something, what they are describing is the emotion attached to the thought they have regarding whatever they are referring to.

But how do you create the feeling that something has already happened? Well, you begin by deprogramming, or detoxing, your heart and mind of any blockages holding you back from believing that something can happen, and then you reprogram yourself to believe it.

Learning Reiki Healing

reiki healing

Anyone can learn Reiki healing. It is one of the most widely used energy healing methods and can be learned by taking classes from a Reiki master. When someone is taught Reiki they are given an attunement, which is basically detoxing their body of any negative energies and awakening the Universal Life Energy within them.

The Universal Life Energy, or prana, Qi, or Chi, depending on what culture you are talking to, flows through all things, but until it is accessed by either or own intention or the intention of a healer, such as a Reiki master, it lays dormant within us.

To me, this sounds a lot like the Kundalini, a primal form of energy conceptualized by Joseph Campbell as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. As the Kundalini awakens, the serpent raises her head and rises up the spine.

This awakening generally occurs through Yoga, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “union” and is associated with the rising of consciousness into enlightenment, unlocking secret pathways into the unconscious through higher levels of awareness.

Anyway, if you are interested in learning Reiki, I recommend finding a master in your area that can teach you in person. Remote or distance healing is possible, but as far as I know face-to-face contact is the best way to learn Reiki. I do know that it is important that you receive an attunement before learning Reiki.

I hope that this article was informative and entertaining at the least. If you gained value from it, please like and share it. Also, feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Namaste fellow lightworkers.

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Meditation Techniques and Styles of Meditation For Beginners

meditation techniques

Containing the many meditation techniques are five basic styles of meditation that anyone can master, given the proper instruction. First, let’s cover the health benefits of meditating. Then, we’ll discuss the 5 basic styles of meditation, followed by some basic principles that will help you become an effective meditator. And, finally, you will learn about 3 meditation techniques to help you get started.

Health Benefits of Meditation

The health benefits of meditation are quite extensive, ranging from mental clarity and emotional resiliency to a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.

The mental benefits are countless. Studies have shown that a person’s IQ is raised when they begin to meditate, their memory improves, and cognitive function is elevated. Nearly every measurable aspect of one’s mind improves.

Meditation releases stress, which does wonders for the body. Lower stress levels have been linked to better immune system function as well as adrenal and neural support. When your body and mind is not clouded with stress you are better able to operate all around.

The 5 Basic Styles of Meditation

There are five main styles of meditation, under which most meditation techniques fall. Think of them as categories containing most of the popular ones. If you are going to learn a technique it will likely fall into one of the following types.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most basic styles. It is done by closing the eyes and focusing on the breath. And that’s it. I’ll get into techniques later on, because there is more to it than that, but only in the realization that there really isn’t. That will make more sense once you read more.

Mindfulness is about becoming aware of the present moment and nothing more. You are present in your body, present where you are, and present with your thoughts. Yes, meditation can be used to clear the mind, but that is not the point of it.

The point of meditation, mindfulness especifically, is to be here now, not off in the future somewhere planning an event you think is more important than right here and now, and not in the past, daydreaming about how you wish things could be as they were.

Zen Meditation

meditation techniques

Zen meditation is very similar to mindfulness in that you close your eyes and focus on your breathing, but one difference is that it must be done in a seated position, whereas mindfulness could potentially be in any position.

Although, if you ask me, any style should be done in a seated position. But we’ll get to that.

Another difference between zen meditation and mindfulness is that zen meditation is more of a lifestyle than merely a meditation. Zen is about taking the serenity and present moment awareness with you into your daily life.

Again, all meditation should be about taking the benefits with you into your daily life, but zen is about being mindful in all areas and aspects of your life. When you are eating or brushing your teeth you should be doing only that, not planning what you are going to do after you’re done, for example.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditations are my favorite. I do Transcendental Meditation, which has completely changed my level of consciousness. I highly recommend it. Anyway, mantra meditations are when you say a mantra in your mind, or perhaps out loud, throughout the meditation.

This is a very effective technique because it gives the mind something to focus on that doesn’t take too much concentration, which keeps the mind from wandering too much and doesn’t distract from the pure awareness waiting for you when you transcend thought.

At the base of mind and matter sits a field of consciousness known by some as the unified field. Max Planck called it “the matrix of all matter.” When you transcend thought you become aware of this field, if only for a brief moment at first, and then you are fundamentally changed forevermore as something shifts and awakens within you.

I cannot describe the experience other than to say that it is absolutely blissful and completely invigorating.

Moving Meditation

meditation techniques

There are many moving meditation techniques, the most popular of which is yoga. Others include Qi Gong, Tai Chi, bioenergetics, and even a simple walking meditation. The first time I tried walking meditation it felt really good. Now, I do it whenever I go for walks alone.

Moving meditations are good because they allow you to be present almost without even trying, much like physical exercise in general. When you’re dog tired, breathing like an Olympian runner, it is difficult to think about anything other than what you’re doing.

Which brings me to a basic principle than anyone should know. Anything can be a meditation. Knitting, reading, writing, literally anything. There is not one style that works for everyone and not everyone has an interest in sitting still for minutes or hours a day.

The more traditional styles are the most likely to be effective, I think, but that doesn’t mean you have to be constricted to them. Be playful with your meditation and you will be more effective than anyone who takes it seriously.

Visual Meditation

Visual meditations are often mistaken for creative visualization, but there is a difference. Creative visualization is a technique of imagining what you want to manifest in your life. That is not what we’re talking about here.

Visual meditation can be any number of things. Chakra meditations for me are visual. Many of the visual meditations I do don’t have a name, they can only be described by the content of the visualization.

One technique I do, that I came up with myself, I like to call the Finding Your Center Meditation, which I will discuss below.

I have learned many healing and psychological techniques for releasing repressed emotions and painful memories. Many of them would essentially fall into the visual meditation category, yet they are fundamentally different from meditation in that there is a specific intent, while most meditation techniques should be done without any expectation at all.

Basic Principles of Meditation

Guided meditation could be considered a style of its own, but whether a meditation is guided or not it generally falls into one of the categories above. I recommend starting with guided meditations if you haven’t done any before.

So, before we get into specific techniques, let’s talk about how to meditate effectively. First, let go of all expectations. When you go into a meditation with the intent to clear your mind or find peace, that effectively prevents either of these things from happening, and the harder you try the less successful you will be.

You must be gentle with yourself and accept whatever comes up. Beginners often think they can give their mind a command to stop thinking, but this is could not be further from the truth because the mind exists to think.

Most people get frustrated with meditation because they tried it, got bored, and accomplished nothing other than becoming irritated. Well, the truth is that is part of meditating, and once you get past that a whole world opens up.

Irritation and boredom are a sort of rites of passage when it comes to meditation. If you are not willing to sit through the discomfort than you are not ready to have your life change. They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and I can personally attest to this.

I used to live inside my comfort zone, but now I do things every single day that bring me outside of it, and I am infinitely happier because of it. Now I am happy with who I am, something I haven’t been able to say for most of my life.

meditation techniques

I have had a complete transformation of who I am and how I treat other people. Anyone who knows me can tell you this, and the reason is meditation. To be clear, there are many other factors, but meditation has been the number one catalyst for positive change in my life for six years now. Wow…time flies.

Anyway, next we’re going to be discussing specific techniques, but before we do I want to cover a few more basic principles.

We discussed above how most people give up on meditation because they think it doesn’t work for them. Well, that’s because they haven’t found the technique or nuance that works for them.

Most people become so irritated by “trying” to meditate because it is the first time that they were actually alone with their thoughts in a very long time without laying in bed trying to fall asleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep it is likely because you have an overactive mind which is likely caused by resisting your own thoughts. Think about it, when you’re laying in bed all you can think about when your mind is not wandering aimlessly is how you wish you could stop thinking, am I right?

But what if you could become comfortable with your thoughts so that your mind would quiet naturally on its own? This, to me, is the key to meditation. You do not try to silence your mind; that is impossible. Instead, you learn to entertain a thought without accepting it, the mark of an educated mind, according to Aristotle.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I believe meditation should always be done in a seated position unless it is a moving meditation, never lying down. The reason is that you are more likely to fall asleep if you are lying down, which is not effective unless you need to catch up on sleep, but studies have shown that people who do transcendental meditation experience rest that is five times more restful than the deepest sleep. Yeah. Let that sink in.

3 Meditation Techniques

meditation techniques

Clearly, I could go on about meditation for days, but, instead, I’ll get to what you’ve been waiting for, the three techniques I use most often:

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation, or TM, is what I use most often. I do it every morning. It is how I start my day after dream journaling and doing my mirror affirmations. If you do not have a morning routine, you are wasting precious time. You will become much more proficient if you start your day with meditation, I promise.

Anyway, TM, as mentioned above, is a mantra meditation. When you learn the technique you are given a mantra based on many factors of your life. Your mantra is specific to you, as to create the most effective results.

Much research has been done on meditation, TM specifically, and it is has been shown to be the most beneficial by far. People who practice Transcendental Meditation are generally less stressed, more intelligent, and highly adaptable.

Chakra Meditation

meditation techniques

Chakra meditation is a visual technique. Generally, it is done in a seated position, with eyes closed, and began by visualizing a white light permeating the entire body from head to toe. Then, starting with the base or root chakra, you visualize and balance or open the charkas, intuitively feeling what each needs and focusing on aspects relating to the energies associated with them.

I like to visualize the kundalini rising up my spine, charging and cleansing each chakra as it moves upward. If all this seems a bit too out there or confusing, don’t worry about it. There are many guided chakra meditations on YouTube. Or you can start with another technique if it suits you better.

Finding Your Center Meditation

This has become one of my favorite meditations recently. Probably because I came up with it myself. If you want to try it, it is mainly intuitive, so while I describe what it is like for me keep in mind that it might be different for you.

To begin the Finding Your Center Meditation, find a comfortable position to sit, or lie down if you prefer. Start by connecting to the light above you. See it coming down on top of your head and washing over your body with a healing energy.

See the light saturating your entire body, drifting down your head and face, washing down your neck and shoulders. Then, see it going down your arms to your fingertips. Feel the light passing through your torso, down your legs, into your feet, and out through your toes.

Now, move your awareness to the base of your spine, at your root chakra, and then up to your heart chakra. See your heart chakra as a ball of white light, and enter your heart chakra. Find your center. What do you see?

meditation techniques

This is where the meditation becomes intuitive. For me, I see myself as a being of light sitting on a large platform made of the same white light that filled my body. I see a tunnel of light above and below me, and then I enter deeper into my light body to delve further.

I see a torus, which is a donut shaped energy field surrounding the body, centered at the heart. I see myself getting closer to the center of this energy field, zooming in closer and closer until I find a pure white light that is emanating in every direction in the shape of a sphere yet is has no perimeter. I can’t really describe it accurately, but that’s what I find at my center. What will you find at yours?

This technique is good for when you feel off balance, out of energy, or lost. It can help you restore balance, energize your physical and emotional bodies, and it can also bring insight or direction into your life.

I do it whenever I feel I need to, generally once a month along with the chakra meditation. I do them as needed, as a kind of maintenance. The TM technique, as mentioned above, I do every day.

I hope this post has provided some helpful information on what the styles of meditation are and how to use them effectively. If you gained value from this article, share or leave any comments below.

Or, if you are interested in learning more meditation techniques or finding one that best suits you, click here to get coaching from TJ Hunt, spiritual coach, meditation instructor, and healing facilitator.

TJ can teach you not only to find which meditation techniques is right for you but also to heal any emotional blockages holding you back from living your most fulfilling, spiritually awakened life.

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Mother Nature and Mother Earth – What is the Difference?

Mother Nature and Mother Earth are two terms to describe similar yet different concepts of the planet we all live on, Mother Earth being a more physical term to describe the planet itself, and Mother Nature being a more spiritual term to describe the sacred feminine energy of Gaia, our Earthly Mother.

Composition of Mother Earth

mother nature

First, let’s focus on the more tangible aspects, shall we? Mother Earth, as you all know, is the world as we know it. She is the earth, magma, and rock composed of elements and molecules exactly the same way living organisms are made up of such things. But is she alive? Some people think so. But we’ll get to that.

Earth is one of eight or nine planets in our solar system, depending on what mood our scientists are currently in regarding Pluto. Composed of elements forged in the bellies of stars, she is made up of stardust, as are you.

Starting at the core, Earth contains a solid, iron inner core, followed by a liquid, nickel-iron alloy outer core. Going outward, the mantle’s main composition is of silicate rocks that are rich in magnesium and iron, which is followed by the crust, made of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The Earth is theorized to be 4.5 billion years old. Where did she come from? How did she get here? Well, as mentioned above, her elements were forged in the centers of stars. In stars, hydrogen is fused together to make helium, and as the star ages it creates heavier and heavier elements.

Eventually, when iron is made, the star either collapses and becomes a white dwarf or it grows and becomes a red giant. Eventually, if it grows into a red giant, it will become unstable and explode in a supernova, spreading the elements it created all throughout the universe.

These explosions create what is called cosmic dust, also known as Extrarrestrial dust or stardust. This dust coagulate, creating larger formations such asteroids, which then collide with one another to eventually create planets, all while swirling around starts that are swirling around black holes and super massive black holes at the center of galaxies, and so on, all generated from the initial cause: the Big Bang.

So, is Earth the random link in a chain of random events that led us to this moment in time, with you reading this page and wondering about the planet you live on? Perhaps. But I believe something different. I believe, as quantum physicists have hypothesized, that matter is conscious, that it has the will of choice, and that nothing in this synchronistic universe is random.

The Nature of Mother Nature

mother nature

Mother Nature is the collection of living organisms existing within and upon her. Everything from single-celled organisms to you and I is a part of Mother Nature. When most people hear the term Mother Nature generally what they think of is their favorite spot “in nature” as we say. A forest, the ocean, mountains, or even the desert.

There is life everywhere, even if we can’t see it with the naked eye. We are meant to experience life, not sit around in our boxes all day and close ourselves off from the rest of the world. Most of us live such unnatural, unbalanced lives that we make ourselves sick. Why do you think there has been such a rise in cancer and other diseases? Chance?

No, people are getting such diseases because of the unnatural food they are eating, the unnaturally sedentary lives they live, and the unnatural “central air” they are breathing. Indoor air is stale, stagnant, even if it’s constantly being moved around. That’s why people call being outdoors “getting fresh air.” It literally is fresher out in nature, especially the further from “civilization” you go. Don’t even get me started on pollution and chem trails.

Living in Harmony with Mother Nature

mother nature

Living in harmony with Mother Nature is about living in balance. We have to figure out how to make the things that we need to survive and sustain our way of life without destroying the Earth in the process. Yes, there are many things that are convenient and luxurious, but is it worth destroying the planet and any hope for the survival of future generations?

Greed is killing our world. We are living so inharmoniously with Mother Nature that we might get evicted if we don’t shape up soon. If that happens, it could mean the end of all life on Earth, not just ourselves. Do we want to be known as the generation that literally killed the Earth’s ecosystem? I don’t.

Anyway, let’s talk about how we can live in harmony, that way we’re focusing on the solution rather than perpetuating to the problem. We have got to start recycling and utilizing more and more renewable energy sources. They’re called renewable for a reason! As long as we live in harmony with Mother Nature they will never run out.

We have to slow down on extracting and destroying the Earth’s natural resources to support our consumerist way of life. We are destroying the very ground we stand upon, for what? More toys, more distractions, and more useless crap that no one really needs?

Think about all of the stuff that you own. Now think about how much of it you actually use. Most people only use about 20% of what they own, while the other 80% just sits around collecting dust, whether it’s clothes and shoes or papers and tools. Admit it, most of it you never use. If you haven’t used it in the last year, do you really need it?

Obviously, there is a distinction between something that you use few and far between but actually has high value to you because of what it is used for when it is used and something that is useless. Tools are a prime example of something you might not use often but still need to keep around. I’m not saying to get rid of all your tools, but I am saying to get rid of the piles of scrap just laying around. And always recycle!

Americans alone use 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour. At that rate, by the year 2025 the number of bottles in the ocean would outnumber fish. I’m going to say that again to let it sink in. At the current rate that we are producing and throwing away plastic bottles, by the year 2025 the number of plastic bottles in the ocean will outnumber fish!

Gaia – Mother Nature Incarnate

mother nature

So, let’s change pace a bit, shall we? Gaia is the personification of the Earth. In Greek mythology, according to Wikipedia, “Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. She is the immediate parent of Uranus (the sky), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants, and of Pontus (the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods.”

As mentioned above, she is the sacred feminine energy of the Earth, our divine mother, with God, or the heavens, being our divine father, two sides of the same coin. All things have both male and female energy. Our dualistic perception is bridged by the energies that connect us to one another and to the higher dimensions of consciousness that exist within us.

Gaia is the spirit of our world. In fact, she gave birth to it, as the story goes. As we exist in her womb, we are protected from negative energies and dark intentions. We have to reciprocate, however, by taking care of her as she takes care of us. Lest, as mentioned above, we get evicted. Mother Nature will always survive; she is immortal. The human race, however, is not.

We have to learn to live according to her laws and respect the life that she gives us. Without this mutual respect it will be much like a relationship between a man and a woman. She may start to resent us if we continue to use and abuse her, and she will not put up with it forever. Eventually there will be a breaking point, if we do not start treating her better.

She gave us life, which means we owe her our lives. We must respect Mother Earth the same way we respect our own mothers, by following her guidelines and treating her with kindness. If there is one thing you take from this article, let it be this: living here is a privilege, not a right, one that Mother Nature could decide to take away should she decide that we no longer deserve it.

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What is Life?

what is life

What is life? Well, this is a rather vague question, which could be viewed either objectively or subjectively. First, let’s take an objective look. Life is when matter becomes animate. Wikipedia defines life as “a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not…”

By this definition, life is merely that which gives entities awareness and autonomy. But that does not answer what life is, that answers what life does. Life is the experience. Therefore, the question must become, what does life experience? But that crosses over into the subjective. We’ll get to that.

For now, let’s examine further what life does. Life gives a biological system the energy to exist. Where does that energy go when the system dies? Scientists have claimed to prove that this energy, or consciousness, moves into another dimension when its host dies. If that is the case, life is merely a virus temporarily inhabiting a physical entity. Here, that is. Who knows what it is when it moves on to someplace else?

How else might the question be seen? Perhaps philosophy is the only appropriate field to answer. In a philosophical sense, life is to exist. So, what does it mean to exist? Materialism states that all that exists are matter and energy, therefore, seeing as everything in the physical dimension is either matter or energy, life must be everything. No, that’s too broad an answer.

What is Alive?

what is life

Let’s broaden the question a bit, shall we? What can be said to be alive? In 1785 James Hutton proposed what led to the Gaia hypothesis, positing that the Earth was a superorganism. According to James Lovelock, “life on Earth functions as a single organism that defines and maintains environmental conditions necessary for its survival.”

The human body is no different. Is your body not a collection of cells? Think about it, are you your body or are you your cells? If you are not your cells, then how would your body function as a whole system? Where does their awareness end and yours begin?

In this sense the entire Universe could be seen as alive, being that all elements maintain conditions for its survival. Without the energy from the stars, no planets would exist. Every element other than hydrogen was forged in the center of a star, plus without the thermonuclear energy, the planets wouldn’t continue to exist as they are. And so on.

So, that is one hypothesis. What else could be said to be alive? That which grows? Crystals grow. Are they alive? Many people believe that they are. Some define life by the ability of choice, in which case subatomic particles could be said to be alive, according to the Double-Slit Experiment.

But that is neither here nor there. Or is it everywhere? Anyway, after we’ve answered what could be said to be alive, we must ask, what does it mean to be alive? Well, according to Victor Frankl, as the experiencers, we are the ones that give our lives meaning by the choices we make and the responses we give to our experiences.

So, what does life experience? This brings us into the subjective, meaning you must turn your attention inward to find the answer. What is your life? Is it a random event swimming through a sea of random events? Only you can say. I can tell you what my life is, but that defeats the purpose of asking the question.

What is Your Life?

what is life


The point of this article is to get you to question your reality and seek the meaning of your own life. I just watched The Truman Show with my father, which is one of the movies that really gets me thinking about the big questions.

I hadn’t seen it in probably a decade, but I still remember the way it made me feel the very first time I watched it. The thing is, I couldn’t really identify what I was feeling at such a young age. I can only identify it as a feeling that “there is something else out there” or “there has to be more to life than this.”

Since I can remember, I have always wondered things like what my life would be like years from now, what it would be like to die, or what it would be like if I didn’t even exist at all. My father, brother, and I have discussed such things many times, each of us contemplating abstract concepts our entire lives.

Recently, I have discovered meaning in movies, music, and books, many things from my youth that I didn’t quite grasp when I was younger, yet I knew there was something more to them, something so real yet so intangible. But how can something be real and intangible? You tell me. Are your thoughts real? They’re real to you, aren’t they?

You see, I am a huge subscriber of the concept of taking the red pill, as Tom Bilyeu would say. Take a plunge down the rabbit hole and take a look at your own life, won’t you? Yes, we’ve been talking in mostly philosophical terms so far, but I would be wasting my time on this website if I didn’t give you something useful to do with it, some kind of tool or tactic.

Here is a process which can help you discover the purpose of your life:

Get out a pen and a piece of paper. Close your eyes and picture your highest self, whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s your most successful, perfect form. Or, perhaps it’s an image of your spirit, a white light perchance. However you show up in your mind’s eye, ask yourself this question: What is the purpose of my life?

Once you’ve done that, open your eyes and write it down. Now, close your eyes and ask again. Do this over and over until you come up with the answer that really moves you, maybe even makes you cry. You will know when you have come up with the final answer.

Mine is to sing. I love singing. Does this mean I will become a professional singer? Maybe. Or maybe it means that my purpose is to sing, and the fact that I love doing it proves to me that whatever happens with my singing is irrelevant, as long as I do it, which I do just about every single day of my life.

What are you doing with your life? I truly hope that you can answer that with more than “earning a living and paying bills.”

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The First Act of Self-Love

The first act of self-love: Do you love yourself? Ask yourself honestly. Why is this important? Because if you don’t you will never be truly happy. You can only feel loved to the capacity that you are able to love yourself. We are all One, so loving yourself means loving all of creation.

How do you know whether you love yourself or not? Well, are you constantly angry or fearful, or are you predominantly happy and joyful? Do you treat others how you want to be treated? Do you do things that you love to do or are you constantly making decisions you wish you didn’t?

This brings us to the first act of self-love: Ask yourself “What would someone who loved themselves do?” If you don’t currently love yourself—which only you can know whether you do or not—the first act of self-love is to ask yourself that question anytime you have a decision to make.

This process was proposed by Teal Swan in her amazing book, Shadows Before Dawn. It is the first of 100 processes that will undoubtedly change anyone’s life. Having gone through many of them, I can attest to their efficacy. This one, in particular, is most effective.

Whenever you are faced with a decision, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant or large and important, ask yourself “What would someone who loved themselves do?” Clearly, you will be using your own discretion, such as when faced with the decision to brush your teeth the answer should be pretty common sense, but things like deciding between eating ice cream or going to the gym, for example, while seeming insignificant, can allow you to make decisions based on self-love.


Someone who loved themselves would not abuse their body with junk food and laziness. They would take care of their body by eating healthy food and exercising daily, perhaps indulging every now and then, but certainly not all day every day. Loving yourself is taking care of yourself.

Trust your intuition to provide you with the proper answer. If you have been eating healthy all week, exercising regularly, and your intuition tells you to eat the ice cream, clearly you earned it. But don’t use this as an excuse to abuse yourself daily. To love yourself is to treat yourself well, which could look like reading a book or it could look like watching television for an hour.

Self-Love, Act Two: Stop Judging Yourself

Stop judging yourself for the choices you make. This is the second act of self-love. If you decide to watch television for an hour instead of reading a book, perhaps it’s because your mind needed a rest, not more stimulation. If you’ve asked yourself what someone who loved themselves would do then trust that the answer is for your highest good. Doing whatever you need at that moment is loving yourself.

If you falter, forget to ask yourself, or simply decide not to for a while, don’t judge yourself! You are going to make mistakes along the way, so try not to beat yourself up and get back up and try again once you realize what you have done or come to your senses and decide you actually want to change instead of remaining stuck in the same old pattern of habit.

Change can be scary. In fact, for me, it has been downright terrifying. But you can’t let that stop you from making decisions that lead to a happier and healthier life. At times it will, but it is in those moments that you are learning the most about yourself and what makes you tick. Learn to ride the wave and get back up when you fall. Emotional resilience is one the greatest skills you can develop.

Learning to love yourself can be a daunting process. Often, it requires looking back at all the things you did against yourself and others that either made you hate yourself or were a result of hating yourself or both. Hurt people hurt people. Try not to judge yourself for the decisions you made, but it is important to make amends with yourself as well as anyone else you have hurt. 12 step programs are very effective for healing and making amends with your past.

Act Three: Leave the Past Behind

The third act of self-love is to leave the past behind you. Once you have remedied the pain you have inflicted on yourself and others, let the past go. Stop judging yourself, beating yourself up, and dwelling on the things you did and the things others did to you. Once you have addressed them and allowed yourself and anyone else involved to heal, just let it go.

Forgiveness is what leads to salvation. No, not the atonement of your sins, but salvation from the hell that you have created in your own mind.

When you release the resentment, you make room for love where there was only hate. The heart cannot simultaneously contain both. That is a spiritual impossibility. And yet you still think you can hold onto both. If you hate anyone for any reason it is impossible to love yourself or anyone else. You must let go of the hate, for the more you do the more room you clear for love.

Perhaps what you need is a spiritual detox, releasing yourself from negative energy. Part of Soul Hacking is deprogramming your mind from negative beliefs and reprogramming positive, empowering ones. In order for new and improved things to enter your reality, you must get rid of the old and stagnant energy that is blocking it from manifesting.

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.”

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The Meaning of Sickness

What is the meaning of sickness? Put another way, why do we get sick? Because we encountered a virus, bacteria, or something else compromising to our immune system? Perhaps. But maybe we get sick because we are out of alignment with our higher selves. From a philosophical perspective, sickness can be seen as an error in thinking or behaving.

Some people think we get sick because God is testing or punishing us. Personally, I believe that sickness is a result of not living in integrity or authenticity. Many of us believe that we are inherently flawed; natural born sinners we call ourselves. But what if that was the deception? What if we are naturally pure and the idea that it is in our nature to sin is the lie?

People say we are born sinners because children innately do the wrong things, but they don’t realize that children’s minds are very malleable. People believe what they believe based on where they live. Luckily, thanks to the internet, we have all been exposed to beliefs from all around the globe, which is why there is a rise in people who are “spiritual but not religious.”

Before the internet, however, people generally believed exactly what their cultures and families believed. Why? Because it was the truth? No. People tend to believe what they are told is the truth, whether it actually is true or not.

Not anymore, though. As a species, we are waking up and coming to the realization that just because someone says it does not make it true. Our government is teaching us this lesson to the extreme these days. I don’t know about you, but most people I talk to are very aware that the government is not the most honest organization on Earth.

So, what does all this have to do with the meaning of sickness? Well, what we believe about health and sickness must be challenged before we can accept that our medical and pharmaceutical industries are not exactly any more honest than the government.

The medical community believes that sickness comes from viruses, bacteria, genetic defects, and so on. Essentially, they believe that sickness comes from the material, but thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, we now know this is not the case.

meaning of sickness

His studies have shown that our BELIEFS control our wellbeing, not our genes or anything else. Among one of his studies, medical patients were monitored closely and found to show signs of recovering from a sickness on the way to the doctor.

We believe that we need doctors to heal us, therefore, when we go to the doctor our own healing abilities kick in, much like the placebo effect, which has long since proven that we can heal ourselves based on our belief that we will get better.

In another of his studies, patients with arthritis of the knee were given “fake” surgery in which the doctor simulated an operation, cut open their knees, but didn’t actually perform the operation. The patients were not told they received fake surgery, and yet they still recovered the same as the control group who actually got the surgery.

These and many more studies have shown us how it is our minds that heal us and make us sick, not some external or genetic factors. Drs. Alexander Lloyd and Bradley Nelson have both released emotional healing techniques that help thousands of people live happy and healthy lives.

Now that we know how our thoughts can affect our health, let’s talk about how emotions do. Many of us have had experiences in our lives that largely shaped our personalities. Often times these experiences were painful and traumatic, causing us to create certain barriers in our minds in an attempt to protect us from the pain.

These experiences could be things like abuse and abandonment, or they could be smaller, seemingly insignificant experiences like being told we couldn’t do something or having something taken away. The point is, when the experiences occurred we were unable to process our emotions at the time and repressed the memory or feeling or both.

This creates what’s called a trapped emotion, which essentially is an aspect of your mind that blocks off the memory or emotion, preventing you from facing it, and until you are actually able to face it the emotion remains inside you, waiting to be felt.

You see, emotions are there to communicate with us. They are there to tell us things like “I don’t like this” or “That was pleasure able. Do it again.” However, when we repress the emotion it still tries to communicate its message, yet when it is unable to do so it keeps trying until it bursts out likely in violence or is released using an emotional healing technique.

There are many techniques available, the most effective I know of being what is called the RES technique by Noah Hammond Tyrrell, a former life coach of mine who is now the owner of Om Marketing Group. Here is a description of the technique given by Noah himself:

So, what is the meaning of sickness? It is to tell us when we’re off track, when there’s something we aren’t facing, or when our beliefs are out of alignment with reality. I am currently getting over a cold that has hit me three times in the last month. I haven’t been sick in about two years, so whatever is causing it is something big because my immune system has been in peak condition for quite some time.

A year or so ago my girlfriend had pink eye, strep throat, and some other infection. She and I slept in the same bed the whole time she was sick and I never caught any of it. The reason I am telling you this is because I am living proof that the techniques for health and healing work. I have used all of the techniques listed above and more, and it has kept me completely healthy for two years.

What went wrong? I stopped using the techniques. I thought I was “cured” and didn’t need to use them anymore. Well, until we are in some mystical enlightened state, we are going to have problems and we have been given many tools to address them. The question is: are you willing to use the tools you’re given?


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Holistic Health and Healing

When we address health in a holistic way healing takes place. Modern medicine has made many strides over the last few decades, but they have also taken many steps backward. Our current disease model has doubled the human lifespan, yet the way doctors treat their patients has gone very awry due to corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The disease model says that an organ is affected by a defect that produces symptoms. Simple enough. However, many of the treatments doctors use only address symptoms of diseases they deem “incurable” while causing more side-effects, often worse than the conditions they are meant to treat.

This should not be news to anyone. We have all seen the rise of cancer and the failure of our current system to treat such diseases. Did you know that chemotherapy is only effective three percent of the time? Not only does it radiate cancer cells, but healthy ones as well, destroying the immune system of anyone treated with it, effectively killing nearly anyone who does actually go into remission.

While the disease model has helped us immensely, it is based on a false premise that matter is the basis of reality when we now know that all matter is energy; therefore, energy is the basis of reality. Natural, organic treatments are far more healing than manmade ones and they have little to no side-effects. We know this, and yet we still use unnatural medicines. Enter the corruption.

Modern medicine is lobbied by the “health care” system and the pharmaceutical companies because if people were healed there would be no need for health insurance or drugs. You have all seen the meme:


How to Achieve Health

So, with all that being said, how to we achieve health and healing? First, by eating what nature intended. I will not get too much into this other than saying that anything that does not grow organically in nature should not be eaten. We all know processed foods are bad for us, but many of us still eat them. I am guilty of it all the time, but I do my best.

The point is your diet should consist of as natural products as possible, as should anything that goes into your body or comes into contact with it, i.e. toothpaste, healthcare products, clothes, cookware, air, etc. For more on how to detox the body and mind and cleanse the soul, I recommend reading Angel Detox, written by Doreen Virtue.

We must detox ourselves from anything of negative energy or low vibration. As far as food goes, the longer the time between when it was picked from nature to the time it goes into our mouth the less healthy it is for you to eat, losing vital nutrients and high vibrational energy the body needs to thrive.

How to Achieve Healing

Once we detox the old we must make way for the new. Spontaneous healing can take place when one’s mind shifts from fear to love. To do this, cultivate yourself on every level: body, mind, heart, and soul. Love is the highest vibration there is because it is the only ultimate truth that exists. Everything else is an illusion of separation. When you unify yourself with God reality reveals itself to and through you.

Life begins to take on new meaning when you shift from fear to love. The ego dissipates, contribution drives you instead of hunger, and clarity shows up in the form of passion and purpose. You become clear on why you want what because you see that service to others is what brings true fulfillment. This is not just a cliché. Personally, I am writing this blog post for one reason: to help others find the self-love that they deserve.

Do I hope that it inspires some of you to purchase coaching from me? Yes, but I would write it anyway even if none of you bought anything from me because that is my dedication to serving my higher purpose of helping the world heal. I want to see a better world. I am tired of corrupt politicians and corporations controlling the world and destroying our environment, and I hope that my existence has such a positive impact as to contribute to the restoration of a more harmonious way of life.

Technology is a beautiful thing—you wouldn’t be reading this without it—but it also detaches us from our true selves and separates us from one another. In a group counseling session, I once heard someone say that they could isolate themselves in a room full of people. As someone who could relate, I believe we have an epidemic of loneliness. Everyone feels alone even though many of us rarely actually are.

Our egos are crying out for help. A common misconception of the ego is that it is your enemy, almost as if it is a separate entity, but the truth is “ego” is simply a label for a certain aspect of thinking. We believe we are separate from one another, which is when the ego was born, often during our physical birth, and when the ego “dies” we are “born again” into the awareness that life is eternal and we are one.

Many people believe that you are your body, but what you are is eternal, which means you can never die; therefore, you cannot be your body. The body is a lens of consciousness through which we perceive the Universe. Personally, I find it difficult to describe. All I can do is share my perspective. In my opinion, there are many things that are ineffable. Lao Tzu would agree with me:


Taking Healthy Actions

Upon shifting from fear to love and from a getting mindset to a giving one, we must follow our intuition or actually take the actions that we believe we are being called to. Don’t be a donkey! Let me explain. Derek Sivers uses a parable to illustrate how you can do many things in life and accomplish a lot, but you have to stay focused on one thing at a time.

Imagine there is a donkey that is equally hungry and thirsty and equidistant between a bale of hay and a trough of water. The donkey, being unable to choose whether to eat or drink, dies of thirst. So, “don’t be a donkey” means that you can accomplish all of your dreams if you focus on one of them at a time. If your attention and energy are stretched too thin then you will accomplish none of them.

Stop dipping your toes in many pools at once. Instead, plunge into the deep end on one project at a time, master it, and then, when you have accomplished what you set out to, move on to something else. This could take years, or perhaps even decades, but this kind of laser focus is what creates world-class talent. As mentioned in another article, The Mindset of Success, true talent is cultivated.

The easiest way to find what you are passionate about is to think about what makes you angry. Do the corruption of the government and social injustice being allowed by it make you angry? How about war? What about the way we humans are destroying the very planet we live on? How can whatever makes you angry inspire you to take action that will fulfill your desire to have something meaningful to contribute to the world?

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The Mindset of Success

I supposed that since the title of this site is Holistic Alchemy, the first subject I should write about in the spiritual aspect is alchemy. To begin, the concept of alchemy comes from what is known as Hermetic Philosophy, the ancient esoteric teachings of Egypt and Greece. This is where the law of attraction came from, along with many other spiritual traditions and principles.

The most commonly known practice of alchemy is the transmutation of lead into gold. True alchemy, known simply as the transmutation from one state to another, is a trick of the mind, the ability to transmute a negative state or circumstance into a positive one.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset


How is this done? First, by seeing your struggles as challenges and your obstacles as opportunities to grow. Embrace the challenge. Carol Dweck, in her groundbreaking book, Mindset, discusses the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A fixed mindset says “my intelligence, my skills, everything about me is fixed. It cannot be improved and I cannot change it.” A growth mindset says “I can learn to develop any skill, expand my intelligence, and improve or change anything I want about myself.”

Some of you could be saying, where’s the science? I want proof! Well, the proof is in the pudding. Dweck studied thousands of elementary kids and what she found was that those who believed intelligence was static or unchangeable performed worse when faced with challenges on tests and assignments, whereas those who saw intelligence as malleable or changeable were able to embrace the challenge and work through the problems.

The reason for this is that when one has a fixed mindset they believe that their intelligence is determined by how well they perform and if they are unable to perform well without effort then they must be stupid, so they give up in times of difficulty. Those with growth mindsets, however, are able to see that hard work and effort are what allow them to learn, and as a result, they give more effort.

As it turns out, kids who are told about how the brain grows and intelligence increases based on their effort perform better, empirically showing that mindset makes all the difference and that it can be changed merely by a shift in awareness.

Cultivating the Growth Mindset


So, how can we actively change from being in a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? How can we transmute our limiting beliefs into expanding ones? Well, as stated above, learning about it makes all the difference so I would suggest reading Mindset, which can be found on Amazon. Or, if you can’t afford it at the moment, I’m sure you can check it out at your local library.

Another way to change your mindset is to get a streak going or make small goals that you know you can accomplish easily and work your way up to larger ones. If you want to improve your overall skillset and grow in many facets, as most of us do, start with the basics: begin an exercise regimen, read for at least 30 minutes a day, or meditate for twenty minutes in the morning. Work on whatever your life is lacking.

If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just get back up and try again. Part of the growth mindset is emotional resilience. People with a fixed mindset become identified and obsessed with their image, how others perceived them, but people with a growth mindset know that making mistakes is part of the process. The fixed mindset says that perfection shows skill, but the growth mindset says errors are what allow us to learn.

Some people believe that natural talent is what makes for high achievement, but the truth is mindset is what leads to talent. For example, Tom Brady, one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, was originally a sixth-round draft pick. According to most scouts, physical prowess is what brooks true talent, but not according to Bill Belichick, head coach for the New England Patriots.

Bellichik, when interviewing a prospective player, will take them into a hotel room, play one of their biggest mistakes from their previous season on a television screen, and then ask them “What happened here?” According to an article written by Daniel Coyle, called Stop Judging Talent; Start Judging Character, “One player started ripping into his coach, and Belichick flicked on the lights and ended the interview right there.” Why? Because he knows that character is better than performance, in the long run, meaning that character will lead to better performance when cultivated with practice.

According to Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, “The idea is not just to weed out players with the wrong mindset, but also to identify those who have the right one. Players like this skinny, incredibly slow, unathletic quarterback (Tom Brady), who developed into one of the all-time greats.”

Alchemy is the ability to transmute something from one state to another. Turning lead to gold might seem like a neat trick, but the ability to transmute a negative (fixed) mindset into a positive (growth) one makes all the difference.

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How to Manage Stress

Learning how to manage stress is one of the most important things in life. If you are stressed, you are not living up to your true potential. Discovering the source of your stress will effectively heal the underlying cause.

Stress can be one of two things: an impetus (eustress) or a hindrance (distress). One is healthy and one is indistinguishable from suffering. Pain is part of life, but suffering is the unnecessary perpetuation of pain caused by reliving it over and over again in your head.

How do you stop the cycle? First, by literally stopping the thought in its tracks. Personally, I struggle with thoughts of suicide, and visualization is the most effective way that I know how to battle this particular demon. Sometimes, the image of me putting a gun to my head will pop up, so I visualize the gun disappearing in a puff of smoke, and it’s gone. Just like that.

Now, I have to mention here that thoughts of suicide are caused by deep, emotional turbulence, and I am doing WAY more than this technique to heal myself, this is simply a technique used to stop a suicidal thought in the moment. If you are struggling with suicide please see a mental health professional to deal with the issues that is causing you to think and feel that way.

Another great way to stop the cycle of mentally torturing ourselves is to fill our lives and our minds with fun, playful, and lighthearted experiences and situations. It is difficult to relive that moment you knew your wife no longer loved you, or whatever you are reliving in your head, when you are dancing, riding a bike down a mountain, or doing yoga.

Active Stress Management

how to manage stress

Which brings us to the next topic. You have to stay busy! And no, I don’t mean watching YouTube videos, reading articles, or anything else that keeps you staring at a screen. No matter how useful the information is, the only thing that will ever be truly useful to you is something that you apply, do, or otherwise engage in.

Being active is immensely important. Your body was designed to move, so get up and shake that ass! Seriously, though, I never felt so alive until the day I started dancing. I’ve been slacking on it a bit lately, but when I’m not doing Yoga or P90X, dancing is my workout. I personally find it difficult to exercise when it’s something I don’t fully enjoy, and dancing is one of my favorite things to do.

I never would have guessed it, but getting up, moving my body in sometimes convoluted ways, and jumping, shaking, and otherwise writhing my body feels so cathartic and stress-relieving. I started dancing more out of utility than anything else. I was at a point in my life when I was feeling hopeless, strangled, and half-dead. I wanted to dance for so long but wouldn’t admit it to myself because it felt stupid and childish.

But, then, one day, as I was listening to Sean Paul, I think, I just got up and started dancing. It literally saved my life, because I finally started doing something I truly wanted to for the first time in months, and I stepped more than a hair outside of my comfort zone for the first time in years. I was alone, which at the time was probably the only way I could have worked up the courage to do it, but I still just went for it, and I danced for three whole hours, when I only intended to dance for a couple of songs or so. I felt amazing afterward.

I was in one of those deep numb canyons where I could hardly believe I was even alive anymore and something inside of me jumped up out of my anesthesia, off the couch, and into the most healing movements of my life. I was moving in ways I didn’t even know I could. Life had new meaning!

But anyway, enough about that. Let’s talk more about managing stress. If stress is beneficial, or eustress, it can still become a problem. Some of you might be asking, how can stress be beneficial? Well, if it drives you to do something positive or accomplish something, then it’s beneficial. It’s when it becomes a burden to bear that you need to relieve it.

How can we accomplish this? By taking action on whatever it is we are stressing about. If you’re stressed that you’re going to lose your significant other, perhaps it means you need to treat your partner with more respect, show them that you love them, or whatever the case may be.

Actions That Relieve Stress

how to manage stress

There are four components of behavior: action, thought, feeling, and physiology. Action is the thing we have the most control of, followed by thought, and then feeling, and our physiology comes in last. Our actions influence our thoughts, and on down the line. Stress is a feeling and the body’s prolonged physiological response to it can be devastating.

What are some actions that relieve stress? Meditation. Having sex. Eating nutritious meals. Getting enough water and exercise. Expressing gratitude. Journaling. Being in nature. Basically, taking care of ourselves, which not enough of us do. I didn’t for the longest time, but I am finally starting to and am feeling loads better for it.

Here is my morning routine: after brushing my teeth and drinking some water I say the serenity prayer, then I meditate for an hour, read at least a chapter of whatever book I’m currently in, do yoga for thirty minutes, and then I am ready to face the day.

Am I perfect in my routine every morning? No. But I do my best. For the longest time I would watch YouTube videos, read articles, listen to podcasts, and so on, but I never really applied anything I was learning. Well, in 2015 that changed. I studied psychology intently and actually applied the things I was learning. But I was still drinking and doing drugs, going to bed anywhere between midnight and six AM, eating processed foods and sugars constantly.

Essentially, I was taking care of myself in certain ways while abusing myself in others. In fact, I even started harming myself, because nothing was getting better and I didn’t know why. Well, today I have 69 days clean and sober, I go to bed at 10 o’clock almost every night, no later than midnight, and I limit my processed foods and sugar intake. I plan on cutting them out completely, but I am early in my recovery from drug addiction, so I’m taking it slow and allowing myself to indulge when I’m feeling weakest.

For some of you reading this, everything might seem a bit overwhelming, and that’s why you haven’t really started yet, but there comes a day for most of us when we realize that we have to get off the couch, stop learning and start doing, and actually apply the things we are being taught.

Most of us already know how to change our lives. We’ve been reading about it, listening to others talk about it, and otherwise learning about it for years, but we never really do anything about it. I’m here to tell you that nothing will change until you do. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but I’ll be the last to say it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

To conclude, let me paint a picture for you. If you were to read all the books, watch all the videos, and do whatever you could to learn about riding a bike without ever actually getting on one, how well do you think you could ride a bike? You couldn’t. Eventually, you have to put the book down and get on the bike.

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