FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session: How To Live Your Dream Life By Reprogramming Your Mind Without Losing Yourself Along the Way

Have you tried using positive thinking and affirmations, only to get the same results and more frustration?

That’s because your mind is already programmed for limitation and lack.

Tools like meditation, mindfulness, and creative visualization are great…

But they’re not effective without deprogramming your mind of negative limiting beliefs and reprogramming it with positive empowering ones.

Learn about the new science of Soul Hacking and discover how to expand your consciousness so you can live the life of your dreams.


free 30-minute coaching session


For me personally, I found it difficult to hold onto my own identity among my journey of change.

You see, when I first woke up, I was so far from my authenticity and integrity that I forgot what it was like to be the real me.

I let the world program me into this aimless and miserable soul living in pursuit of pleasure. Addicted to drugs, pornography, and literally any other flavor of the week, I was a shell of a man.

Then, after learning about the law of attraction and personal development, I started my quest back to discover who I truly was, and I’ll admit, in the beginning, it really felt like I was losing myself, but I kept going.


I knew that I was shedding layers of social conditioning and cultural programming, but it also felt like I was shedding layers of my personality, the very fabric of my character.

However, I eventually realized that I was just resisting the change, getting rid of things that really served me and taking on things that weren’t really for me.

I had to get to know myself again, which took some trial and error.

I thought I had to stop listening to heavy metal, stop writing dark poetry, and get rid of anything “negative.”


Then, years later, while sitting in a hypnotherapist’s office, I realized that I was resisting authentic aspects of myself.

Things like heavy metal, dark poetry, and anything else we deem as “negative” can actually be very cathartic when we are using them as a tool to work through things or stimulate the masculine energy within us.

For some people, this is not the case and what they truly desire is to listen to soft, quiet music, sit down in a park and eat a picnic with a loved one.

Honestly, I enjoy such things too, but not as much as cliff jumping or attending a brutally energetic concert.

To each their own, but some of us have a difficult time knowing what’s actually serving us and what isn’t.


free 30-minute coaching session


Nine years ago, I jumped off a cliff while stoned, which is probably one of the dumbest ideas I have ever had. Please do not attempt it yourself.

Anyway, I leaned forward too much because I was so high and landed on my chest when I hit the water, which knocked the air out of me. I thought I was going to die and swimming to the surface was the single most physically demanding thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. For a long time, I was terrified of cliff jumping.

The last time I jumped off anything higher than about ten or fifteen feet was a few years ago. The cliff was roughly 30 feet high. Across from us was a cliff I had jumped off many times, a bit higher than the one we stood upon. I watched as other guys climbed the cliff and jumped into the water, which I used to do before my incident.

It took me about an hour to jump off the cliff that was probably half the size of the one I almost died jumping off of.


Now, six years later, after having healed myself and gotten back my courage, I can jump off of cliffs as high as the one that put that fear in me with as little as taking three deep breaths before making the leap.

Simple yet effective techniques are all it takes to really change your life.


I told you that story to illustrate the effects of what I have learned and how I can help you rediscover yourself. A lot of people talk about finding themselves, but I think we are born knowing who we are, we just get conditioned and scared into believing we’re someone we’re not.

That’s why having a coach is an amazing thing! I’ve had many coaches and it is truly like having a beacon to light your way.

A coach is someone who can help you see things from a larger perspective. Someone who can guide you and teach you tools and techniques to activate your highest potential and transmute every aspect of your life into gold!


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